Thursday, July 30, 2009

artist/painter : Gent, Belgium

meet artist/painter Sigrid Coorde, known in her art circles as Pura VidArt. She paints as it is her hobby—and for meditation. She would love to make it her "Full time Living". She has always been a creative person and through the years, finding her way, still learning new things. Born In Belgium, the city Ghent, last year she lived for a year in Costa Rica, where she had the time to develop more. Fascinated by women, she likes to paint their faces or body parts. She paints what she loves as well on demand with pictures you like! WEB LINK

photographer : Łódź, Poland

meet photographer Jacek Grobelny, was born in 1974 in Łódź. For a few years he is photographing for an advertising agencies and models in Poland. He is dealing mainly with the photograph of the fashion. He is loving film takes what is being combined with his second passion, with film, thanks to that his photographs have the unique climate. WEB LINK

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

industrial/interior designer : Budapest, Hungary

meet industrial/interior designer Monika Juhasz, she is a hungarian industrial designer, but she put more passion into interior and furniture design. She would love to collaborate with interior or furniture companies or studios, Very full of original ideas, can`t wait to make them real. Passionate about everything related to interior design, open and ready for innovative ideas. WEB LINK

designer : Pleven, Bulgaria

meet designer George Stoyanov, he is 19 years old, engage in graphic design and web design. Two years ago I started his professional work. He has experience in photography and photo-manipulations. George delivers different and fresh ideas. WEB LINK

fashion designer : Tel Aviv, Isreal

meet fashion designer Keren Bet-Esh, she first studied fashion & jewelry design at the Bezalel academy of art and design in Jerusalem. During her studies she did an internship at the Susan Pietzsch studio, Glashagen, Germany. Keren was invited to spend 3 months in Villa Waldberta as part of a designer residency to work on design project influenced purely by the Starnberg area of Munich. Keren launched her Kora fashion label, in 2007. She currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel where she is working on her next collection. WEB LINK

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

photographer : Austin, TX

meet photographer Andrew Chan, with a focus on photography work in fashion, editorial, portrait, commercial, and wedding fields. Before he started practicing photography, he was actively honing his skills in traditional art media. He became fairly proficient with most two-dimensional media (pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, oils). Primarily a self-taught photographer, constantly learning. Started taking pictures in 2002 with a point and shoot digital camera. WEB LINK

Monday, July 27, 2009

photographer : Prague, Czech Republic

meet photographer Vacav Hanousek, in his own words, "Photographing is life." I have been working for model agency half a year and I have experince in photographing of fashion shows (I make books, setcards and tfp). By the way, I have comissions for cover for CD, posters and booklet for rocks band. Im interested in modeling, advertising photos, graphic, retirement, macro...I have been photographer for ages and I would like to be better and better. You never can say - its ok but man should do his best. Then it will be perfect. My dream is to be the Best! WEB LINK

makeup artist : Orlando, Florida USA

meet makeup artist Kristen Nugent, she has 15 years experience working full time as a professional makeup artist /stylist for TV, print, video, film, High- Definition, multi-media, corporate and special events. From beauty makeup to fashion, glamour, men’s grooming, lifestyles, sports, editorial, commercial, runway, theatrical and makeup special f/x. Airbrush makeup artist. WEB LINK

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

photographer : London, United Kingdom

meet photographer Joanna Kustra, born in south-eastern Poland in February, 1984. Her artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood she has been fascinated with music playing the piano and oboe. In the meantime she studied linguistics. Her adventure with photography began at the age of 22 and in a short time from a hobby developed into a true passion and a way of living. She is a self-taught photographer, from the very beginning fascinated with people, portraits and fashion photography.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

photographer : Toronto, Ontario

meet photographer Tony Di Lorenzo, as a child, shared countless hours of arts and crafts with his mom, and learned to play guitar from his dad. completed schooling in engineering. today is a photographer inspired by revolution, fairness, the beatles, led zeppelin, richard ashcroft, quality models, italian vogue, pasta, peace, tranquility, all things canadian, work, more work, and an undeniable urge to create. Tony specializes in fashion, beauty, and commercial photography.

Monday, July 13, 2009

fashion designer : Warsaw, Poland

meet fashion designer Karolina Wilkowska, she is actually a fashion/industrial designer, studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I love the industrial design flavor that is already standing out in her jewelry and shoes, definately one to watch.

fashion designer : Budapest, Hungary

meet fashion designer Ferenc Csabay, his collection's motto is "wearable, yet unique" is applied to all of his creations. Ferenc's definite goal is to gain acknowledgement via his work outside the terrains of his homeland as well.

Friday, July 10, 2009

fashion and costume designer : Clearwater, FL

meet fashion designer Tia Gugliotta, she has been fashion and costume designer, fashion stylist for over 10 years, she has done music videos, concerts, toured, commercials, movies . . . and fashion shows.

fashion design : Nicosia, Cyprus

meet fashion designer Maria Aristidou, self taught fashion designer — via a B.Comm degree in Canada and an MA in Career Counselling in UK. Philosophy is never ever give up your dream.

photographer : LA - London - Sevilla - Tarifa on Wednesday

meet photographer Marta Lamovšek, she's a passion photographer, artist, freelance fashion & portrait photographer, editor and a postgraduate student at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design London. WEB LINK

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

makeup artist : Paris, France

meet makeup artist JADE, with a passion for fashion and beauty that shows, in some of the most beautiful work. Jade is strong to a professional rich and atypical conferring a versatility and dynamism unusual. After a scientific baccalaureate, it points to studies of psychology before discover makeup. It is passionate then for this wonderful means to combine its two passions : the Human and the artistic.

fashion designer : Rio de Janeiro

meet fashion designer Sat Velasco, she was an assistant buyer for ABEST with guest from all over the world. In June of 2007, she began developing her own beachwear brand called Cor de Lima. I hope to soon see her designs here in the states.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fashion design : Munich / Odessa

meet fashion designer Lessja Verlingieri, born in the growing city of Odessa in the Ukraine and lived there during her Childhood. She finished the fashion designer school in Germany in 2007 successfully. LeVer Couture is a designer label founded and developed by the fashion designer Lessja Verlingieri. The special designs and abstract creations, which are realized and combined with unusual and special materials, clarifys the artistically handwriting of the fashion designer Lessja Verlingeri.

photographer : Singapore

meet photographer Soon Tong, one of the lead photographers at Calibre Pictures and Ideas. Soon's quiet disposition hides his passion and flair for experimental techniques. His preference for strong colors and light is reflected in his work. His recent work interest in photographing liquids frozen in a fleeting moment has created such beautiful and surreal images that they look like sculptures crafted by an invisible hand.

photographer : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

meet photographer Manolo Ceron new photographer of only 3 1/2 years, fashion and fine arts are also creative fields of interest.

illustrator : Paris, France

meet illustrator Simon Goinard Phelipot, self taught illustrator that has done work in both the USA and Europe. His work springs from a subtle mixture of new technologies and traditional painting.

Monday, July 6, 2009

photographer : Los Angeles, CA

meet photographer Melissa Rodwell, a Los Angeles native. Melissa studied photography at the prestigious Art Center College of Design. After graduating she embarked on a globe-spanning career in fashion and entertainment photography, leading into exposure in international advertising campaigns and major publications. Melissa has had major solo exhibits from Sydney to LA.