Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fashion design : Taipei, Taiwan. London

meet fashion designer Johan Ku, Born in Taipei, Taiwan, based in London now. Johan Ku started his career as a graphic designer since he was 17 years old. After he had accomplished BA and MA degree in fashion and textile design, Johan founded his own studio in 2005, and then went to Hong Kong Fashion Week for twice in 2007. His signature design is sculpture-like dress in white.
Johan's "Neo-Cheongsam Look" series won the first prize of "China International Collegiate Fashion Design Competition" Chinese Style Category, 2004. "Emotional Sculpture"
series won the third prize of " Taiwan Fashion Design Award" And in 2005,

"Essence of Chinese Calligraph "
series won the best ten prize of "Hao-Sha Cup" Swimming Suit Design Competition in Beijing
"Re-sculpture"won the first prize of " Donghua Cup, International Design Contest " WEB LINK


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  2. I love the white, sculpture dress.
    I am working on my school's assignment regarding influence of architecture on fashion and this could be great example for my paper.
    Thank you.

  3. love the white dress!

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  5. wow those are really great collections..loved the dresses..tokyo fashion is really awesome.

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