Tuesday, September 1, 2009

jewelry designer : Salinas, CA

meet Award Winning Designer - Certified Goldsmith - Metal Smithing Instructor - Jewelry Desiger Birgit Kupke-Peyla. Growing up her parents fostered her creativity. Making things: conceptualizing, designing, creating has always been part of her life. Her mother passed her passion for Fiber Arts on to Brigit. She knitted and sewed. Brigit learned both by observing her. Her dad, an engineer, encouraged her to assist him with projects. He taught her how to hold a file and swing a hammer. Her career in metals, melding my aptitude for small scale and her interest in design, started with a friendship to a young goldsmith. Brigit's curiosity prompted an invitation to visit his studio. He introduced her to soldering and she fabricated her first pieces of jewelry, 22 years ago. This euphoric experience led to an apprenticeship. Upon Graduation from High School, having passed the entrance exam for two Art Schools she decided to go to HANAU. The schools curriculum combines classical training in the trade of gold-smithing with drafting, drawing and design. With the BA degree in hand she found employment and had the opportunity to work side by side with a certified master jeweler. Today she personally executes the entire creative process, construction and distribution from my California studio. Because she is intimately involved with every step of the development of a piece of jewelry, she can attend to intricate details of design, fit, and construction in a manner that is both unrivaled and uncompromising. I have personally met and purchased from Bridget and intend to do so again, she is truly gifted. WEB LINK


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