Thursday, August 13, 2009

architecture student : Bucharest, Romania

meet architecture student Diana Ionescu (Dee Dee), you will not believe me by her wonderful work, so here are her own words.
"I am Diana, currently an architecture student at University af Architecture Ion Mincu, Bucharest. I love everything that has to do with visual arts : architecture, photography, fashion, make-up, drawing, painting, design and so on… I kind of had a hard time deciding on what to focus ...and now it seems i cant let go of fashion photography and make-up arts. My “first love” was drawing..especially portraits, i am fascinated about the human stucture, diversity and..imperfection. I love to discover a face that is imperfect and odd, but still so beautiful. as Karl Lagerfeld said „/ there is no beauty without strangeness/” From drawing faces i moved to …photographing them. But all the fun started when i discoverd the editing progrms , like photoshop , and the fact that i can intersect the two things ( especilly since i have a digital pen and drawing tablet ) I am very into fashion and beauty photography , skin retouch and photo manipulation. WEB LINK

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