Thursday, August 6, 2009

fashion design : Vienna, Austria

meet fashion designer Martina Muller, born in Vienna, and at 13 years of age enthusiastic about fashion and design. At age 23 Martina Müller went to Miami and New York, where new ideas for her first collections holte. Inspirated by the particular variety of people on the streets, shows and the art and architecture on the ground. Once back in her hometown Vienna: "i was born here and it was my dream, the people in my country my visions and my style. Here i know the people and here I am my "base station" building," said the Designerin.Vor 7 years she founded Martina Müller then in Vienna, the company NEW STYLE MANAGEMENT MÜLLER. In addition she founded a label with the name CALLISTI. Martina Müller on the name: "KALISTE" means in Greek "for the beautiful" or "the most beautiful". The text was finally slightly modified: CALLISTI fashion for the beautiful, the most beautiful".


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