Tuesday, August 11, 2009

international artist representative agency : with offices in Stockholm, Sweden and in Manhattan-New York

introducing Spectacular Studios, an international Artist Representative Agency for the leading fashion and media artists. Located in the very center of Stockholm - Sweden, and in Manhattan - New York. With spacey studios and office areas, and room for their clients to work when visiting. They work with top end creative companies. The artists represented by Spectacular Studios contribute to all projects, including advertising campaigns, editorial photos, fashion shows and much more. Spectacular Studios arrange and manages productions tailored to the requests and requirements of their clients. Naturally in collaboration with other agencies and companies. Provide you with the very best. They can offer clients, full production services and create projects of all sizes and formats. I saw 12 top drawer photographers, 5 stylist, 8 hair and makeup artist, 4 creative directors, 3 digital illustrators, 2 special fx team, 3 management team, and 3 new talent. Be ready to spend some time here lots of talent to look through. WEB LINK


  1. Just wanted to say great job ;)

    Looks really Good Jodie

    / Eric
    Creative director

  2. what an inspirational source of talents!

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